Tuesday, May 15, 2007

“The Journey with ASMAE”

New Chemical Reaction is taking place

Introduction with ASMAE -: People always say that there is a network of good people existing in the space. It is a matter of opening your receivers and trying to catch those signals from that network. This network does not have boundaries and limitations, it is the fastest network than any existing network which began in 2000, and two modes of this network got directly connected by different servers. The servers were placed distinctly apart from each other, sometimes I wonder how this works! Anjali from Chennai, Devasena from Pune, Pauline from ASMAE France, Dr. Narayan from Mensa India, Dr. S. V. Gore Sevadham Trust made this journey happen.
Here onwards the journey begins ---

Concept formation- Three organizations, ASMAE France, Sevadham Trust, Pune and Mensa India, Pune have one commonality that is care, comparison and concern about human beings and holy Mother Nature.
This common factor has played a role in conceptualizing, crystallizing and compiling the idea of workshop for the tribals. Brainstorming, creativeness and communication skills of representations of their organization formulated the workshop structure and functions.
Innovative and creative ideas of ASMAE volunteers, expression ability of a MENSAN and enthusiasm of Sevadham Trust are the three main points of the triangle. The sides of this triangle are health, education and environment. Keeping this triangular concept, the unique consortium started its journey.

The Consortium -: Responsibility sharing, respect towards each other and recognizing the abilities of each other forms one more triangle which holds three points, that is Mensa, ASMAE, and Sevadham Trust.
The Chemistry -: For effective execution of the concept, the consortium comes up with a chemistry of work. In this chemistry there were two components, reacting with each other with a help of catalyst on a substrate that is TRIBALS and the end product was nurturing their capabilities. This chemical reaction is additive and ever lasting. This reaction started its journey in the year 2001.

First step of the journey-: With triangular concept in mind, the consortium with the help of its chemistry started journey and took its just step not on moon, but in the world of tribal. I think this step carries same significance as the first step on moon. In both this worlds one has to have three C’s Concept, Consortium and Chemistry.

In year 2002 a group of seven ASMAE volunteers more than so Mensans and 80 tribal along with their teachers tool part in this journey. The journey started to know each other, to share with each other and develop with each other. So there was no hierarchy. Singing French and local songs, sharing stories, exchanging ideas, puppet shows, enjoying Indian food, playing on ground, made this journey memorable. In this chemistry of consortium life time bonds were created, which are very difficult to express. I think experiencing and being a part of this bond one can explain to himself how it works. This bond will strengthen the network in some in future and trigger off some other consortium, some other concept and some other chemistry of some other journey.

Second step of the journey -: If only once something is done we call it luck or coincidence. But if we repeat that then surely we can call it a journey. If the concept, consortium and chemistry are accepted then the journey can progress with other travelers. In the year 2003 different French volunteers, more than 25 Mensans of different age groups and new tribal group of 100 students took part in this journey. Repeating earlier year’s activities, religious procession and overnight stay of ASMAE volunteers in the school campus tightened the bond more strongly.

The achievements -: It is said that when Lion starts its journey after covering a distance it turns back and looks behind to evaluate the mileage. When this consortium will turn back and evaluate not mileage but the achievements [mile and stone] surely it will see that it has covered much longer distance than expected.

Concept of teacher training program and execution of the program for one year regularly is one of the outcome of this journey. Tribal teachers from different schools were nurtured and helped to explore their own capabilities. To make them more effective in their teaching this journey is with different concept. Different consortium, and different chemistry, but off shoot of the main journey.

Concept of tribal intelligence, identification and nurturing of the tribal intelligence is the outcome of the main journey. First ever four tribal intelligence girls [Mensans] were identified from Sevadham Tribal School.

I am thinking of a new journey, with a concept that identifying such Tribal intelligence, nurturing them and fostering them for their own community development. For this journey I am requesting ASMAE to be a fellow companion.

Looking forward-:
In a journey one has to look forward and decide milestones and put full efforts to achieve those.
Tribal intelligence nurturing program
Teacher training program for other schools.

ASMAE workshops, are three milestones that one should look for .The journey has just begun like an eagle let’s spread the wings in this beautiful horizon, let’s have the birds’ perspective, and let’s concentrate on the target and dive with help of gravity to achieve the target like a bird. But all these things for tribal, with tribal.

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