Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Date: 15th May 2007

Let me introduce myself. My name is Narayan R. Desai. For 8 years I have been working voluntarily for Mensa India as executive council member, Gifted Child Program. By Profession I am a restoration Ecologist and heading Society for Ecological Restoration-India chapter for 10 years.
Mensa India Pune Chapter is working in Tribal area of Pune district (Maharashtra State, India) for last five years. During that period, Mensa International recognized tests were conducted in Sevadham Tribal Residential School in year 2003. Surprisingly 4 girls scored 98 and 99 percentile score. That means there are qualified as Mensans. Mensa India Pune Chapter which is charitable organization based in Jnana Prabodhini is thinking of conducting Mensa tests for 2000 tribal students from Pune District (Khed, Rajgurnagar, Andra Maval and Junner). Identification of tribal Mensans will be pilot study which will in turn help in nurturing this intelligence in societal benefits.
The mission of the project entitled “Tribal Intelligence & Aptitude: Identification and Nurturing” is to identify talent among tribal children & youth with help of standard testing methods and nurture their talent for their own and community development.

This is to request you that please provide support, guidance and advice to the project. I am looking for help in following areas; (Age Group: 10-15 years, tribals)
1. Children story books and activity books
2. DVD, VCD’s on Nature & Science
3. Educational DVD’s, VCD’s
4. Back issues of National Geography
5. Intelligence Games & Puzzles

Soliciting your cooperation,

Yours truly,
Dr. Narayan R. Desai
Executive Council Member, Gifted Child Program,
Principle Investigator, Tribal Mensa Nurturing Program
Mensa India, Jnana Prabodhini Bhavan,
510 Sadashiv Peth, Pune 411030 India
Ph. No. 091-20-24477691, 24478095
Email: nrd1675@hotmail.com, nrd1675@gmail.com


Nita said...

Hi Mr. Desai. I have added the url of this blog to my article on the Pune Mensa chapter. I have also published that article you sent me on my blog.

I am traveling from this evening. But when I return, I plan to visit your program in Sadashiv Peth. I find your work very inspiring.

Tribal Mensa Nurturing Program said...

Thanks Dear Ms. Nita,

We will meet some time...

Narayan R Desai

Ninad_World said...

Hello Dr. Desai,

My name is Ninad Sheode and your blog's address was given to me by a common friend of ours Mr. Ravindra Palekar. I am returning to India next month. Well I do not have a collection of DVDs as such but yeah do have a couple of them which I think could be useful. Or I would say worth watching once atleast. May be we can get them copied. What do you say. Could you kinldy mail me your email id and phone number at ninadsheode@gmail.com
so that I could get in touch with you on reaching Pune.